Located in Girona (EU), our company started its professional career in the early 1960s with the creation of the first perfumes under our own Perfums Bachs brand. We will soon be celebrating 60 years of passion for the world of essences, combining scents, designing collections, fascinated by the art of creating emotions through the senses that each of our perfumes awaken.

This passion, together with a strict adherence to the values of quality and service, has allowed us to create collections and position our brand in markets as diverse as Europe, Asia and the Middle East, as well as giving us renown as a manufacturer in the private label sector.



In response to requests and the demands of the market, we have expanded and diversified our manufacturing lines to serve companies in various fields, from mass market to luxury markets and niche clients, currently offering the production of perfumes, fragrances for the home, roll-on deodorants and hydroalcoholics.


Our range of services has grown with our clients, providing advice and management throughout the production chain, from the definition of trends, packaging design, drafting legal texts, carrying out registration in accordance with the laws of each country, etc. In order to achieve this, the marketing, regulatory and export departments work closely with the client, taking care of the needs of each project; specifically, the filling, manufacture, the marketing of our own brands and global project management for new creations.