Throughout our extensive history, we have created and marketed various collections which have been updated or modified depending on how the market has evolved. Some of these emerged 60 years ago and continue to be best sellers despite the generational change, becoming a point of reference for 2, and even 3, generations of the same family. Others have evolved according to trends or have grown out of our expanding sales into new markets whose needs and preferences require specific olfactory notes and packaging.

This ability to adapt and evolve means that we now have a wide and carefully chosen catalogue of collections that allows us to position our products according to each country and each target customer.

Creativity, research and knowledge of the sector go hand-in-hand with our growth as a brand, driving PERFUMSBACHS forward as a benchmark for quality, service and range.

Every project, every collection, every own brand fragrance we launch is created using all our care and experience. We pair the perfect notes with the right bottle, taking care of every detail in the production to achieve the desired design. We shape our products without forgetting a clear objective: to create wonderful perfumes while staying committed to our positioning in the sector, offering excellent value for money. Exquisite fragrances, collections with soul, in which cost is not a determining factor.

We recommend you take a stroll through our collections. Let yourself be caught up in the stories behind each of our perfumes. Discover which of our fragrances best suits your skin and personality. Because each of our perfumes is designed to be unique, to declare an emotion and imbue an attitude, defining itself in different ways depending on who is wearing it. Be guided by our descriptions, trust our attention to detail and dare to discover our fragrances. Which collection entices you most?