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October 2019 version

Perfums Bachs informs you that we do not gather or collect personal data from our users through the cookies we use. The purpose of the cookies is to provide you with an excellent browsing experience and to improve our services based on the uses you give to the published content or the accesses you perform in relation to the various sections of said content.

1. General Information

a) What you should know about Cookies

Cookies are small files that store information on the mobile devices of Users who use our platform or our blog.

Cookies are associated with the browser on a particular computer or device. Thanks to these, it is possible for Perfums Bachs to recognise the users’ browsers after they have visited the website for the first time, thus determining their browsing preferences and, from this, evaluating them and being able to use them as indicators to improve our content and browsing of the website.

b) The cookies we use at Perfums Bachs

The details, purpose, type and classes of cookies that we have implemented on our platform are included in the box below. For better understanding, you need to know the definition of own and third-party cookies:

Third-party cookies: are managed by other companies and installed from their computers and/or domains onto your terminal equipment.

Own cookies: are managed by our company and installed from our computers onto your terminal equipment.


2.1. Type of cookies we use

Cookie id.


Expiry date

Own or third-party



Preferred navigation language and correct operation of the website.

Active session


Perfums Bachs


Statistical monitoring of visits and user distinction

2 years




Counter of times content was shared.

2 years




Check the appearance of the cookie alert message and cookie acceptance confirmation

1 year


Perfums Bachs


Statistical monitoring of visits.

1 minute




User distinction.

24 hours



2.2. Warning about the use of cookies and other spamming techniques

As a User, you are informed of the presence of cookies on this platform in order to facilitate the use and browsing herein. However, the User may configure his/her browser to be notified on-screen of the reception of cookies and prevent their installation on the User’s computer hard drive.

If in doubt, please read the additional information provided in point 4 of this document. You may also refer to your browser’s instructions and manuals for further information.

In order to use our Website or the platform, it is not necessary to allow the installation of cookies, without prejudice to the fact that this may lead to you not being able to access certain services or sections of the Website.

You are also informed that Perfums Bachs does not use“ spamming” techniques and will only process the data that the User transmits through the use of electronic contact forms, e-mail messages or content provided through the services of the Website, for the purposes expressed in our Legal Notice and in our Privacy Policy.

3. Acceptance of Cookies on our platform

Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services (hereinafter LSSICE), in relation to cookies, requires the Users be informed prior to the browsing experience on the platform regarding the use, type and purpose of the cookies. That is why we have implemented an informational notice that is displayed once you access our platform, expressly informing you in advance, complying with said legal requirement.

It is important to note that in this notice you will find two options: the first one will allow you to access this informational text, and the second one will enable you to accept the installation of cookies on your terminal equipment.

As a User, if you omit acceptance of the use of cookies and continue to browse our platform, we will understand that there is tacit consent on your part to be able to apply and use the cookies described in the previous section, and thus, we will comply with the requirements of LSSICE.

4. How you can uninstall cookies from your browser

If you want to uninstall cookies from your browser, we hereby provide you with some links that you can consult depending on the type of browser you have installed on your terminal computer.

Google Chrome:


Mozilla Firefox:

Internet Explorer:


We warn you that, after you have completed the process of uninstalling cookies from your browser, this may make it difficult for you or prevent you from accessing or browsing certain parts of our Website.

5. About social media cookies

Finally, we would like to warn you that our platform does not manage the social media or platforms of third parties where Perfums Bachs may have presence, such as Instagram and Facebook, and therefore is not responsible for the cookies those platforms may install.

As a User of our online platform, you are obliged to consult the privacy and cookies policies of that social media in order to be aware of the type and purposes of their cookies and to decide whether to accept or reject them.

Cookies used by Facebook:

Cookies used by Instagram:


Treatment of your data

Configuration options for the following cookies:

Necessary technical cookies

Required for web operation.

Analysis or measurement cookies

They allow the monitoring and analysis of user behavior, including the quantification of the impacts of the advertisements, in order to introduce improvements based on the analysis of the usage data made by the users of the service.

Behavioral advertising cookies

They store information on the behavior of users obtained through the continuous observation of their browsing habits, which allows the development of a specific profile to display advertising based on it.