Our know-how focused on quality and our extensive R&D experience, has allowed us to gain the confidence of big brands for the development and production of their perfumery and cosmetic lines.

We proactively participate in the development of products, offering an extensive variety of formulations, formats, sizes and packaging, always based on the needs of each customer, the characteristics of their particular market and the launch date.

We jointly consider factors such as target, target price, aesthetic and conceptual trends, legal requirements, technical needs, etc. To achieve this, our marketing and regulatory departments are constantly updated on trends and the legal requirements for selling the product in any particular market, advising our customers and collaborating with the technical department in order to determine the correct registration and labelling.

We work with the best suppliers of bottles, packaging, paints, accessories, etc. with whom we share the same goals of quality and service, allowing us to offer a fully made-to-measure service.

Our firm commitment and personalised service has allowed Perfums Bachs to become a supplier of renowned prestigious brands, both in domestic and international markets.


  • 5,000 m2 divided into sectors and equipped with the safety devices required by current legislation.
  • Offices in which the sales, marketing, administration, human resources and customer services departments are based, arranged in order to meet the common goals of quality and service.
  • 2 external logistical warehouses designed for the storage and safe-keeping of the goods produced.
  • Storage and maceration capacity of 90,000 litres.
  • Equipment for the production of demineralised and decalcified water.
  • Filtration and refrigeration equipment.
  • Underground tanks with a storage capacity for 30,000 litres of alcohol.
  • Defined area for unloading alcohol.


  • 7 manufacturing lines for products between 1ml and 250ml.
  • 3 bottling lines for 500ml – 1000ml bottles.
  • 2 deodorant manufacturing lines.
  • 8 labelling lines as well as machines for coding and cellophane wrapping.
  • End of line handling areas and stand-alone areas.


  • Equipped with all instruments and technology necessary for quality control of raw materials, semi-processed and finished products.
  • Technical department on-hand for advice in the development of products and legislation (R&D - Regulatory).